These are the most popular colours to choose from when deciding to make an awning.  We use Ripblock material in different thickness sizes.

Ripblock Colours:                               Ripblock Thickness:                                     

  • Beige                                                    –  260
  • Olive                                                     –  400
  •  Sand                                                    –  500
  • Howard Green
  • Rust
  • Taupe
  • Charcoal
  • Grey
  • Bottle Green
  • Navy
  • Black

Here follows a few examples of some of the awnings where made for our clients:

Caravan tent, free standing tent, add a room to your tent, Fix your Tent?


No problem, we can custom make you a tent that you will love.


You are more than welcome to bring your idea to us and together we can design a tent for your needs and we custom make it for you.  If you want your tent bigger or add a “extra room” to your tent, that is no problem.  We can also repair your tent for you that is looks like a brand new tent.

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Swimming Pool Covers

We custom make swimming pool covers to the size of your swimming pool.  It looks beautiful, its safe for your family and pets,  and its easy to use.  Its also keep you swimming pool clean by closing it.  Its easy to use by just losing it and roll it up.

A few pictures of swimming pool covers we’ve made for our clients

Customized Covers for your

We design custom make covers for your trailer, boat, motorcycle, quads and caravans.  It is a perfect solution specially if your vehicle is standing outside.  Our covers will protect your vehicle against wind, rain etc etc.  Just bring in your transport and we custom make the cover according to the size of your vehicle.

Some photos of covers


We custom make all kind and sizes of Gazebo’s. Get in contact with us and we can together design a nice Gazebo for you. If it is a beach or picnic Gazebo, or even a Gazebo to add on to your tent is no problem for us.

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A few pictures of Gazebo’s


Canvas PVC Products can even design nice bags for the ladies and gents.  Doesn’t matter if it is a handbag or shopping bag, we can make you a nice bag according to your specifications.  We can design even a nice tool bag to keep all your tools together and clean.

Some examples of what we’ve made

Roof Frame Covers

Canvas PVC Products design very nice roof frame covers for any stage event. Just get in contact with us and let us brainstorm together with what you need. We then custom build your roof frame cover for you to your specifications. Unfortunately we dont do the installation of this, but we would love to make it for you.

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Some picture of Roof Frame Covers