Welcome to Canvas & PVC Products

We are the old Tent and Tarpaulin Factory that was in Salt River

About Us

Our passion is to custom make something really unique with any shape you can think of.  We would love to custom make your special design so please do bring it to us.  We do custom make pulley and rope system drop awnings and we do the installation.  We also do all types of repair work, replace zips, patch holes and tears alterations, add-ons etc.  And bring in your BAG or any type of COVER and we will gladly make a new one in canvas, PVC, netting, nylon, polyester, polyethylene or oxford.

Bring us your idea and together we will try to create a masterpiece.

Our Services

Canvas / PVC Awnings

Together we design beautifull awnings of your colour and we come and install it for you.  Works perfectly to close your braai area or even an extra area outside your house.


Bring your idea and we can work with you to make it.  We can also repair your tent for you… example caravan tents, add-a-room, various size add on on free standing tents.

Swimming Pool Cover

We also make beautifull swimming pool covers according to the size of your swimming pool.  This is a must specially for the safety of your children.

Trailer Covers

We design trailer covers according to the size of your trailer.  It protects your trailer 100% specially if your trailer is standing outside.  Just bring your trailer and we take it form there.

Boat Covers

Beautiful designed covers to protect your boat.  Very helpful if your boat is standing outside as well as one that doesn’t get used that often.  Can even keep it on while driving because we fasten it to the trailer.


We also make all sizes and shapes of gazebo covers.  Just bring in your own frame and tell us what you want and we will gladly make it for you.


Beautifull designed bags according to your specifications.  It can be from shopping bags, a bag for a drill case to a tool bag.  You can let us make you a bag to use for anything.

Roof Frame Covers

We also design roof frame covers to cover a stage for any event that you can think of.  We do not do the installation, but we are more than happy to make it for you.

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